Arab American Institute: AAI Mourns Loss of Life in Wisconsin Shooting

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The Arab American Institute is shocked and saddened by the tragic shooting that took place this weekend at the Oak Creek Sikh temple in Wisconsin. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families, as well as with the entire Sikh community.  Beyond the tragic loss of life, attacks like this on places of worship target the very principle of religious liberty.

Sources identified the perpetrator as Wade Michael Page, an Army veteran who wasdischarged from military service in 1998 although during his service there were “patterns of misconduct.”  Reports suggest that he may have been a white supremacist and, if true, Page’s atrocity may very well be a hate crime.  At this juncture, authorities are investigating the incident as an act of “domestic terrorism” and as such we are hopeful that local and federal law enforcement will work diligently to identify the exact motives for this crime and take the necessary steps to make such incidents less likely in the future.

You can support the victims of this tragedy by contributing to:


Victims Memorial Fund

c/o Sikh Temple of Wisconsin

7512 S Howell Ave.

Oak Creek, WI


Additional Statements: from the Sikh Coalition

Statement from President Obama and Governor Romney on the tragedy.

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