Inter-religious Campaign Condemns Vandalism of Manassas Mosque

On Press Release

The Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign, which represents 29 national religious and inter-religious organizations committed to ending anti-Muslim sentiment in the US, condemns the recent attacks on the Manassas Mosque, in Manassas, Virginia.

Campaign Director Catherine Orsborn stated that, “When one religious community is attacked, this is an attack on us all. The freedom to practice religion without discrimination is a hallmark of the United States, and we must stand together in solidarity to uphold and maintain that freedom.” Grace United Methodist Church in Manassas gave the mosque a financial contribution to aid in building reparations.

The mosque’s imam, Abu Nahidian, stated, “We pray and we hope people learn that we love all humanity. They shouldn’t hate us. People are either my brethren in faith or human in race. In all aspects almighty God is kind to them. Why shouldn’t I be?”

You can read more about Shoulder to Shoulder’s founding commitment and ongoing campaign at Those who wish to learn more and become engaged in this coalition’s effort to end anti-Muslim sentiment can contact Campaign Director Catherine Orsborn at

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