Registration is Open! Divinity & Diversity Conference- February 19-21, 2015

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Divinity & Diversity:  Building Our Beloved Community Together 

February 19-21, 2015

Dublin, OH

Eventbrite - Divinity & Diversity Conference

Shoulder to Shoulder is partnering with the Noor Islamic Cultural Center and the Safe Alliance for Interfaith Leadership (SAIL) to host a regional interfaith conference in Dublin, Ohio, this winter.

The United States has been a deeply religious society since its inception.  Today, our religious landscape is changing as communities become increasingly diverse.  Americans are more likely to see temples and mosques down the road beside the church, and communities from all traditions are hearing services lead in English, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, and more.   Particularly in this post-9/11 context, what does this increased diversity mean for religious leadership?

This February, join national and local interfaith leaders as we discuss what this diversity means. Come share knowledge and experience of what skills will strengthen interreligious relationships and build resilient communities in America in the coming years.  Workshops will provide opportunities to improve religious literacy, to learn about changing demographics, and to develop basic skills for responding to challenges presented by this increasing diversity, especially responding to religious discrimination.

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