Shoulder to Shoulder members celebrate EEOC v. Abercrombie decision

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This week marked a victory for a Muslim woman at the Supreme Court when the court ruled in the case EEOC v. Abercrombie that a store had discriminated against Samantha Elauf when they denied her a job because her hijab would violate their uniform policy. Shoulder to Shoulder applauds this success in the fight against anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States. As Campaign Director Catherine Orsborn stated in our statement preceding oral arguments on this case, “This country has laws regarding religious accommodation in the workplace, in keeping with our broader commitment to celebration of religious expression and diversity. This is to protect freedom of religion for all, and no one faith should ever be singled out in granting accommodations. Religious communities must stand in solidarity against selective discrimination; a solidarity we see in the number of religious groups united on this case.”

Shoulder to Shoulder member organizations also welcomed the decision as a victory for religious liberty. Rachel Laser, Deputy Director of the Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism and Shoulder to Shoulder Executive Committee member, stated,

“As Jews, we have historically known the insidious nature of religious discrimination – including workplace discrimination. The recent climate of Islamophobia further highlights the importance and significance of this decision. In deciding for the EEOC, the Supreme Court demonstrates that no one should face discrimination because of their faith. We applaud this decision and stand committed to upholding the First Amendment’s promise of religious liberty.”

See here for the full reaction from the Religious Action Center.

Additionally, the Interfaith Alliance commended the decision as Rabbi Jack Moline, Executive Director of Interfaith Alliance and Shoulder to Shoulder Steering Committee Member, said,

“The Supreme Court took a measured and principled stand for religious freedom today. Our national commitment to religious freedom and religious pluralism depends on granting reasonable accommodations for people’s religious practices in workplaces, schools, and public institutions. And, in an increasingly diverse America, it cannot always be the burden of religious minorities to explain their faith to others. This decision ensures an easier path to equality in workplaces across America for people of all faiths.”

Read the full statement here from Interfaith Alliance.

Shoulder to Shoulder is proud to stand alongside these and many other religious organizations in applauding this decision as an important landmark in our work to end anti-Muslim discrimination in America.

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