Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign Director interviewed on The Attitude w/ Arnie Arnesen

On S2S Voices in the News

Shoulder to Shoulder’s Campaign Director Catherine Orsborn recently took part in an interview with Arnie Arnesen, discussing the intersections of racism and discrimination against minority groups in the United States. As racism shows up in various ways on the national stage at present, it is critical to show how seemingly different issues of bigotry and hate are interconnected. Arnie and Catherine talked about the ways in which the fight against racism and the fight against anti-Muslim and bound up together. The interview covers the background of Shoulder to Shoulder as well as the Campaign’s goals and mission to fight against anti-Muslim bigotry in the United States. Catherine states, “Anti-Muslim Bigotry is not something that just American Muslims should be concerned about, but it is something that all Americans who want to see this country live up to its best ideals, it’s something that all of us should be concerned about.” In relation to Catherine’s comment and the various organizations Shoulder to Shoulder engages with, Arnie argues that it is important to understand, “Equality doesn’t mean that I am demanded to be the same.”

To listen to the full interview, follow the link below (The Shoulder to Shoulder portion of the interview from 9:30- 26:30).


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