A Conversation among Emerging Religious Leaders

On Voices of Emerging Religious Leaders

A Conversation Among Emerging Religious Leaders 

Catherine Orsborn, Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign Director

I want you to think about the last time you were in a room or at a gathering where the people in attendance were predominantly Muslim. Unless you are yourself a practicing Muslim, chances are you had to think hard to identify that instance, if you could identify one at all.

Here in the U.S., given the demographic realities, one doesn’t often get the chance to be in the midst of large numbers of American Muslims if s/he isn’t intentional about it.

As a result, too many people across our nation only know about Islam through global news coverage and not through actual experiences with Muslims. The issues, activities and identities of American Muslims are often obscured by the focus in the media on whether or not they are condemning terrorism (side note, they are).

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