S2S Director on State of Belief: Anti-Muslim Bigotry & Syrian Refugees

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On the latest episode of State of Belief, Shoulder Campaign Director Catherine Orsborn talked with Rev. Welton Gaddy about how anti-Muslim bigotry is impacting Syrian refugees across the globe:

“The hugeness of this situation requires that all countries be on deck with a humanitarian response. But the fact is that [the Syrian refugee crisis] isn’t being treated through a humanitarian frame, it’s being treated through a security lens right now. And so, people here in the US and elsewhere express a lot of concern about the impact of ISIS on the people of Syria, but then they paint Muslim Syrians fleeing from this horrific violence as national security threats rather than as human beings who are seeking refuge, freedom and flourishing.

I think you always have to ask, security for whom? Because we’re not talking about human security for the Syrians who are fleeing a situation of dire insecurity that most of us have never experienced.”



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