A Successful Emerging Religious Leaders Seminar

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Over Labor Day weekend, 24 Christian, Jewish and Muslim emerging religious leaders converged in Chicago for our second Emerging Religious Leaders Seminar (ERLS). This Seminar, which we run in conjunction with the Islamic Society of North America’s annual convention, is an opportunity for emerging leaders to learn about the roots and manifestations of anti-Muslim bigotry in the US, and develop networks and skills for engaging themselves and their faith communities in fostering positive inter-religious learning, relationships, solidarity and activism.  Here are some highlights:


We kicked off the Seminar at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America’s headquarters, defining our expectations for the weekend and discussing skills for religious leadership in a religiously diverse world.



We visited with the good folks at Interfaith Youth Core in downtown Chicago, then headed to the University of Illinois-Chicago’s campus to hear from the Center for New Community and the Muslim Student Association on campus.


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Throughout the weekend, we met with a number of experienced leaders in interfaith organizing and action, and spent time workshopping together the challenges and opportunities for faith leaders in acting on anti-Muslim bigotry in the United States.

In the coming months, participants will be writing, hosting events, and acting in other ways to share their experience at ERLS with their communities and beyond.  Stay tuned!

See Campaign Director Catherine Orsborn’s blog post on Medium about the weekend.

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