From ERLS Participant J. Robert Eagan: Reviving the Prophetic Voice

On Voices of Emerging Religious Leaders

Participants of the Shoulder to Shoulder Emerging Religious Leaders Seminar are asked to take an action step following their experience.  Participants can write a blog, opinion piece, or sermon; pull together an event or talk; or otherwise take action to reach a wider community with the conversations and experiences they’ve engaged in through the ERLS program. In October, 2015, ERLS alumnus J. Robert Eagan wrote a blog post on, reflecting on his experience at the ISNA convention.  Here’s a snippet:

Reviving the Prophetic Voice

by J Robert Eagan

“My sisters and brothers…if Jesus were here today…he would be on the forefront of the Labor Worker’s fight in America.”

This was not said at an NAACP rally by Rev. Jesse Jackson. It was not being said amidst a social justice crowd of southern Christians. It was not even said by a Christian.

Rather, Linda Sarsour, a civil rights activist and a member of The Justice League NYC, emphatically declared this as undeniable truth. As the Executive Director of the Arab American Association of New York, she co-chaired the March2Justice earlier this year, during which time she and a hundred others walked from New York City to Washington, D.C. in the name of justice for minorities.

She is also a Muslim, speaking at this year’s Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Convention in Chicago, Illinois.

I was invited this year to participate in the Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign’s Emerging Religious Leaders Seminar. Part of the Seminar is to participate in the ISNA Convention, take it all in, and in the process, gain a better vision and understanding of interfaith cooperation, partnership and relationship across lines of religious difference….Keep reading on

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