Know Your Neighbor : A New Collaborative Project on Religious Pluralism in America

On Announcements

Shoulder to Shoulder is among fifteen faith-based and civil rights groups that has come together on a new initiative called “Know Your Neighbor.”

We live in the the most diverse country in the world. Our patchwork heritage is a source of our country’s strength, and that extends to the diversity of our faiths and beliefs. As a nation of Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, non-religious, and more, we live and work together; yet, we are often unaware of the basic traditions and deepest values of our friends and neighbors.Know Your Neighbor

Know Your Neighbor is a new collaborative initiative that is looking to foster a reasoned dialogue on the country’s religious diversity and share the humanity of people across all faiths.  Though there are many faiths and beliefs in this country, we all live and work together and it is important to have faith in each other.

Know Your Neighbor is currently supported by the ACLU, Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, Center for Inquiry, Hindu American Seva Communities, Interfaith Alliance, Interfaith Youth Core, Islamic Networks Group (ING), Muslim Advocates, National Council of Churches, National Sikh Campaign, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, Religions for Peace USA, The Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign, and Sikh Coalition.


We were proud to be part of the launch of this initiative at the White-House hosted event on Religious Pluralism in America on December 17 (click here for further coverage of this event).  In the coming months, we will roll out other opportunities for communities to engage with this project.  In the meantime, you can sign the pledge to get to know your neighbors, and to speak out against hatred and misinformation, on the Know Your Neighbor website.  Additionally, the site offers some tangible ways that individuals and communities can take steps forward in getting to know their neighbors.  Will you join us?


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