Congregational Network

The purpose of the Shoulder to Shoulder Congregational Network is to provide and share resources, skills, best practices, and stories to local congregational communities of all faiths and traditions throughout the country. By distinguishing a Congregational Network from our existing Community Membership Network, we hope to offer better support for congregational partners and their specific local issues and needs. Additionally, Shoulder to Shoulder will help connect local congregational efforts to foster inter religious understanding and inclusion to the broader nationally coordinated movement.

What Shoulder to Shoulder can offer:

  • Resources, webinars, sermon seeds, and tools to help clergy, ministers, and congregational staff to discuss and address anti-Muslim bigotry in your congregations and communities
  • Trainings and presentations designed and curated for your congregational, denominational, and/or regional community
  • Helping coordinate or offer suggestions for speakers/presenters to visit your congregation
  • Connecting your community to nationally coordinated efforts

As a Shoulder to Shoulder Congregational Network Member, we hope you can:

  • Let us list and link to your congregation to help others, both locally and nationally, connect to your community and to amplify your faith witness on this issue
  • Designate one person to serve as an internal contact for Shoulder to Shoulder (not publicly posted on our website) to keep us informed about your good work, participate in our nationally coordinated conference calls or webinars, and if desired, serve as a point of contact for local rapid media response efforts that Shoulder to Shoulder supports
  • Organize at least 1 local interfaith educational and relationship-building event per year alongside local Muslim community partners, and at least 1 in-service message that addresses the problem of anti-Muslim bigotry   
  • Consider posting our Shoulder to Shoulder Plaque on your campus:
    • “Our congregation stands Shoulder to Shoulder with our Muslim neighbors to uphold the American ideal of religious freedom for all”
  • Consider an annual contribution to Shoulder to Shoulder (Please note, this is not a requirement for congregational membership, but we are very grateful for congregational involvement in our work in this way)