Church World Service

As the world endures profound change, and those we serve live increasingly complex lives in response to it, CWS has adapted its operations to build on its history and position itself to remain a global humanitarian leader in the years to come.

CWS operates in more than 30 countries. We have streamlined operations to be more effective. Two directors oversee all humanitarian programming in hemispheres: Africa and North America operations are being brought more closely together to build on profound capacity in our refugee assistance and immigrant support work. Asia/Pacific, Middle East-Europe and Latin America/Caribbean programming has been positioned so those areas can grow as we continue to meet the humanitarian challenges of the 21st century.

CWS humanitarian work is closely tied to advocacy and fundraising. We continue to build strong linkages between our interventions in the field – short-term measures to effect change – and the advocacy that will ultimately change policies that will propagate justice. Our goal of eradicating hunger and poverty and promoting peace and justice only happens when we convene those of like minds: members, donors, advocates, beneficiaries.

Washington, DC