Through our Faith Over Fear trainings, monthly Community Network gatherings, and resource curation and development, we equip faith leaders to address anti-Muslim bigotry within their own communities and in the country at large.

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Through our National, Community and Congregational Networks, we engage with faith groups across the nation who are looking to further connect to others in their work to address anti-Muslim discrimination and violence. Additionally, each year we organize a Ramadan campaign to help connect people of all faiths and backgrounds to Muslim communities for dinners throughout the month. Finally, we offer one-on-one support for communities nationwide. 


Utilizing media, advocacy and organizing, we work with partners at national and local levels to identify and coordinate faith community responses to anti-Muslim bias or violence. Can we call on you when we need to mobilize? Sign up to stay tuned in, and if you identify as a faith leader, email us if you'd like to join our roster of faith leaders whom we can call upon in times of crisis. Additionally, you can take action by raising your voice in the media, using this guide.