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We call upon our fellow citizens to treat each other with compassion and honesty, and to foster an ethical commitment to bedrock American values such as pluralism and religious freedom, mutuality and respect—values also at the core of our religious traditions.



Learn more about who we are and how we came together for the Shoulder-to-Shoulder campaign.


Learn more about local and regional coalitions and programs to address anti-Muslim sentiment.

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Good analysis of anti-foreign law amendment on the Alabama ballot- targeting a minority hurts the majority as well: Oct via Hootsuite
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Canadian town comes together to clean up hateful graffiti on a mosque #ColdLake Oct via Hootsuite
Thank you @rfpusa @ostadjaan @jerushatanner @ronkraybill for a thoughtful and challenging conversation this morning! Oct via Hootsuite
Shoulder to Shoulder - Standing With American Muslims; Upholding American Values